Confessions of a Curator
(aka 'the frustrated artist')

Spirit of Maroochy lives on

August 15, 2014

I visited Franki in her studio last week in preparation for her upcoming Spirit of the Myth exhibition at Regional Arts House next month. She's been working solidly on her new series inspired by the Legend of Maroochy, and was about to take her completed paintings to the framer when we stopped to have this chat In conversation with Franki Maya: What compels you to make art? Franki: Gwen Harwood a great Australian poet, sums this up very well - “I struggle with a vision I can neither realise nor abandon”. Simply put, I paint because it completes me; I'm not a whole person without it. Maya: Describe your art and your process. Franki: Challenging! I start with an idea... Continue Reading →

Interstate but Close to the Heart

August 15, 2014

introducing this particular artist is a special treat for me as I've known this lady for quite a long fact our friendship began back in the bad old '80's. (although our family connections go back to the '60's) Nat Ward and I were high school girls together, sharing our 7th Form year in Auckland (that's year 12 in Australian speak). Yes we are a couple of kiwi gals, who blundered our way through the hormones and experimental stages of our final year of school (the year that Australia won the America's Cup). Then we boldly moved away from our families to the south island to study art at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. While Madonna and Cindy Lauper... Continue Reading →